About our Service

Who are we?

FundyourPTA.org is an organization dedicated to helping PTA’s around the country meet their fund raising needs. FundyourPTA.org was founded by parents of school aged children who were looking to enhance their child’s school experience.

About our service

FundyourPTA.org enhances your fund raising by providing cash back from online purchases which your members make at participating web sites (such as Amazon, eBay and Shopping.com).

Unlike other online fundraising services, FundyourPTA.org provides 1% to 6% cash back to your organization for online purchases. For example, an organization with 250 people who make 3 purchases a year from online sites at $40 per purchase would raise between $300 to $1800 for your organization each year.

The possible upside to your organization by working with FundyourPTA.org is endless. And donít forget the power of the Holiday shopping season.

Contact us

Please contact us with questions or comments:

    E-mail: info@fundyourpta.org
    Phone: (424) 262-FUND

Katie Baumler


After researching online fund raising services, Katie choose to establish a new service with a higher payout for PTAs.
Sean Stockton


Seeing the need for an easy fundraising supplement for his local PTA, Sean teamed up with Katie to form FundYourPTA.org.